Photography on the cheap

I’ve asked myself if I didn’t like exploring, would I still love taking pictures? Conversely, if I didn’t like taking pictures, would I still love exploring?

My answer is…Yes! To either.

Camera: While I don’t have a digital SLR camera, I do my best with what I’ve got. And what I’ve got now is a Kodak M580 EasyShare camera. While the 14 megapixels should make the images as sharp as possible, the fact that this is a point’n shoot camera means that it just can’t perform like a digital SLR can with lower megapixels (MacWorld’s Point’n Shoot Buying Guide). The images are not as crisp. Close-ups only get so close. And landscapes are lacking. But, to be honest…I don’t really care. I consider the upsides to actually having any kind of camera a good thing — well, at least for this passionate person it is.

Upsides to having a camera…

Being outside.

Seeing things from my perspective.

Nature’s contrast.

Photographer’s eye.

Up close and personal.

Appreciating life’s experiences.

And of course…exploring!

Software: One other thing in my photo arsenal…yeah, like I’m am so not a pro…used to be Photoshop 6.0, until my computer crashed and I couldn’t locate my disc. So, I downloaded trial versions of Photoshop Lightbox 3.0 and Corel’s Paint Shop Photo 4 Pro. Either way, they do what I need. When a photo I fall in love with seems just a tad dull, I open it in either software and play with the lighting (brightness/contrast), the color (hue, saturation, etc.), and sometimes remove the color altogether (grey-scale). And while I understand that not everyone might like using either product, there are more out there. With that said, below are a few links to some photo-related sites for the curious. Oh and yes, once I’m done with the trial versions, I’ll be making my choice and purchasing one of them.

Everything photography links…With a simple search, I found the following helpful websites:

  • PopPhoto – Online photo magazine featuring photo how-to’s, gear, buying guides and more.
  • MacWorld – Apple’s digital magazine with a digital photo category.
  • Digital Photography School – An online community of all levels of photographers that share their insights in various categories from photo tutorials, to cameras and equipment, to post production.
  • Top 10 Reviews – Photo editing software reviews.
  • Training Tools – Learning Photoshop 6.0 (and other legacy creative software) online tutorials by chapter.

This is my zen

Having the luxury of mobility and being able to satisfy my passions, although on a much smaller budget means the world to me. It’s the experience…

As I sat there at the end of a crumbling boat ramp and gazed off at the setting sun, I heard the faint tinkling sound that these small ice chunks made as they collided against each other pushed by the wind rippled water up against the shoreline.


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