2-Wheeled Joy

The lake where I found this written in the sand isn’t too far from where I live…only about a mile and a half by way of a city trail that runs close to where I live. I’m not the only one who enjoys taking advantage of this trail. I pass by runners, walkers, families, and people taking their dogs for a walk. Every person, every couple I pass, there’s this sort of immediate sense of familiarity…a sort of knowing in each of us as we look at each others face and immediately tweak the corners of our lips into a warm friendly smile. Each and every time, we say ‘hello’ as we pass and continue on our healthy journeys.

I started riding bikes when I was about four-years-old. I loved riding back then as much as I do now. Of course my first bike was a hand-me-down…a little red bicycle with training wheels affixed to the rear wheel. I don’t know if it was the fact that I was the second child…number two…and always ended up with the hand-me-downs, despite the fact that they came from my brother, but every time he left his sparkly blue bike lying in the front yard, I would hop off of the red bike, pick up his bike, and walk it to the front porch. Then I would step up onto the first step, swing my leg over the banana seat and push off down the sidewalk and ride down the street.

I had about a 20-year bike hiatus from my early 20’s until I turned 41. And when I finally came back to riding, I decided to do it in a big way…the motorized way. I can only blame my stubbornness on the urge to learn to ride a motorcycle. I’ve been riding since 2005 and still love every bit of it. while riding a bicycle has its perks…added health, vitamin D infusions, and shared enthusiasms, so does riding a motorcycle…only just a tad more quickly. Well, ok…maybe a lot more quickly.

I’ve been all over the mountains of Colorado on my motorcycle with friends and on my own. I’ve ridden in rain, snow, sleet, fog, high winds, and warm sun-soaked days. I’ve ridden on all sorts of paved roads and dirt roads, from hardened packed dirt to boulder-ridden 4-wheel drive roads. And I’ve loved every second of each and every journey. There’s this sort of camaraderie amongst riders…this sort of familiarity…a knowing in each of us as we pass each other on the road,  flashing two fingers.





I revel in the thought of my riding adventures to come…


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