Snow Daydreaming

Snow Storms

Don’t get me wrong…I do love the snow. But, there’s just something about summer and fall that churns my kid-like enthusiasm from way deep down inside.

Groundhog Day brought a snowstorm to the front range of Colorado. Some areas along the eastern facing mountains (Echo Mountain and Pinecliffe) got as much as 55 inches of snow. It was a doozie to say the least. My area saw 20 inches of snow and I don’t exactly live in the mountains, either.

Mountain exploration

It’s days like snow days though, that turn my thoughts to summer and riding, hiking, exploring the state I love. From the northern mountains to the southern ranges, and every place in between, I can’t seem to get enough of Colorado’s beauty. There are mornings when I wake just before the sunrise when I feel a twinge, a pang of sorts, that tends to grow and spread throughout my body and nothing satisfies that pang except for a full day wandering around the peaks and valleys of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

This isn’t a new phenomenon for me either. Ever since I was a kid, I loved getting out and about. My Dad was the instigator back then, but even when he left my Mom, the urges to wander never subsided. When I was old enough to drive, I always found myself heading into the hills on the weekends. Yes, as a teenager, I drove what some might say are treacherous mountain roads…and I loved every second of it.

Now that I’m just a tad older (I say that tongue in cheek), that wanderlust has just grown stronger. So, as I worked on designing college courses from home during this particular snow day, my mind wandered to summer time and all the possible adventures I could have riding, hiking and exploring.

To that end, I decided put together a slide show of past mountain adventures to ease my pangs and put me in the right mood…


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