Cravings, sugar, bikes and adrenaline


A weight loss fanatic’s winter (there’s too much snow to enjoy my bike outside) rambling…

My brain on sugar…

  • Soda = Sugar!
  • Alcohol = Sugar!
  • Pasta = Sugar!
  • Diet soda? = What’s that? Oooohhh…SUGAR!

My brain on bikes….

  • Mountain bike = aahhhh…!
  • Motorcycle = weeeee…!

My brain, hell my whole body craves something fun, exhilarating, and adrenaline-inducing. Ice cream, soda, cookies, cake, chocolate bars, French fries, pasta, pizza and more…can all take a freakin’ hike! None of these things induce the right kind of hormone for this weight loss fanatic’s happiness.

Gimme sunshine, blue skies and a warm day!

Point my front tire to the West and let me go. I want to be free.

My body aches for release.

My brain screams for peace.

Some really good info on weight loss, cuz I need a gentle reminder right about now…

Some awesome info on Colorado bike roads, cuz I’m looking forward to melted snow and sunshine…

I’ll take a day of snow-tubing with my wild and crazy riding buddies to satisfy my cravings…for now.



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