It’s a kid’s life


My kids make me laugh so hard at times that tears stream down my face and my sides ache.

This 8-year-old’s chronological age is 47, who at times thinks she’s too old to do some things…but tubing? Well, that’s another story. My theory is that if it makes me laugh more than ache, then I’m doing it.

They say that laughter is the best medicine and to prove that, check out this Science Daily article on laughter and hormones. This is one of the reasons I choose to let my inner child come out to play every now and then. A great way to do that in the winter is to gather a huge group of friends and family and hit a snow tubing hill in the high country.

Our tubing hill of choice is the historic hill in Fraser, Colorado. Fraser is at about 8574 feet above sea level. The hill is in between Fraser and Winter Park.

Body check

Twelve hours after my tubing adventure, I’ve stretched all points of my body and have discovered all the muscles that were most affected by my tubing excursion. Mostly, it’s my triceps, deltoids and pectorals.

Like I’ve mentioned in another blog, I’m not exactly tiny. But, I don’t let that keep me from enjoying things I enjoyed when I was much younger and thinner. I just take my time and approach things, like the edge of the tubing hill, with just an air of cautious understanding in what my body can do. So, my first approach wasn’t exactly as enthusiastic as my friends, Maria and Erik…

The thought of taking a running leap onto the lip of the hill conjured pictures of my body bouncing off the tube and rolling down the hill. 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I did entertain the idea of lying down gently onto my blue and green tube and with face forward pushing off the lip of the hill with my feet. But, my first rip down the hill was actually in a seated position, hands in the air, screaming, bouncing, catching air and laughing all the way.

So, why do my upper body muscles ache? Simple.  My next run and many more runs were in the superman position. Picturing it really did help.


No matter how old I get, I will never turn down a chance to split my sides with bowlfuls of laughter; sharing that laughter with family and friends always makes life just a little more enjoyable. As my friends and I met at the top of the hill, time after time, we stopped, smiled, and then approached the edge with child-like glee. A few times, instead of lying down face-first, we placed our tubes close to each other and grabbed each others tube straps to fly down the hill as a group.

Bouncing not only off the bumps on the hill, but up against each others tube from one side to another made me laugh so hard that by the time I stopped at the bottom of the hill, I had to catch my breath before getting up and walking to catch the lift back up to the top.



Sharing in laughter isn’t the only thing that makes my life full. If you’ve been following my blog, or you know me personally, you know how I tend to enjoy life. Being outside for me is heaven on Earth. Sharing that enjoyment with those around me makes this time on Earth a paradise.

An ode to the kid inside…

My thought is that when a person forgets about their inner child…about that child-like wonder at the simplicity of things…that’s when life becomes unbearable. So, I never forget to let out my inner child.


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