Is there something dead over there?

Nope. There’s something alive over there…






I’ve been jone’sing bad lately. Been wanting to ride my mtn bike for a couple of weeks now; just to get out and enjoy the air, the ride, the workout, the exhilaration…and the scenery. After nearly two feet of snow two weeks ago, the ground is still covered in a soft white blanket because the temperature hasn’t risen much past 45 degrees since that snow. But, a really short window of opportunity hit a few days ago, so I decided to take the chance and ride for a bit. The sun was warm and the air was still. Although the temperature may have been hovering around 45 degrees, I enjoyed every second of my ride out to the lake.

The ground and lake are still feeling the effects of that snow storm…

More warming

Today, the sun tried again to warm us up, so I grabbed my bike for a ride again after work. Unfortunately, what was once a snow-covered dirt road was now mud, so I decided not to try and get down to the lake, but instead tested my bike’s tires in the snow…

Yep, they actually ride quite well in the snow. Well, maybe only the kind of snow that’s on top of pavement, or concrete.


I soon realized that I wasn’t the only one seeking the sun today. Unfortunately, the macro doesn’t work too well on my camera. I was aiming for the small drop of sap oozing out of the lower bud on this branch.

Funny though…after taking this picture, one of the residents whose house backs to this greenbelt came out onto his deck and asked me, “Is there something dead over there?” I told him, “Nope. There’s something alive over there.”



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