Rocky Mountain Dreams

If you had the ability to give back, how would you do it?

I grew up in the mountains…not necessarily living in the mountains, but I always find myself in them, hiking, walking, laughing, dreaming…

Ever since I was born, my parents would take myself and my siblings into the mountains. We started off enjoying the mountains of California, since I was born in San Francisco. And then, after my Dad finished his Masters at Berkeley, we moved to Colorado. In between the time from graduating to starting his new teaching job at CSU, my Dad worked as a Park Ranger in Glacier National Park.

At two years old, this may have been my first visit to the park, but it was not my last…


I’ve been reminiscing again today….spending the morning searching through the photos I took when me and my youngest daughter spent three days in the Crested Butte area of Colorado in August of 2011.

What an amazing place.



Full of color and beauty….




I just wanted to freeze time…

A Reason to Give Back

So, besides my reminiscing, I’ve been thinking…I don’t just want to share the places I’ve been, I want to give back. And while I don’t have the monetary means to do it, I think I have the ideas that will get me there.

A big part of my life was spent being hurt…for a lot of various reasons. But, the things that kept me going were not only my attitude that there is something better even if I have to struggle to get it…it was my kids and the positive encouragement and small gifts along my journey.

One of those small gifts happened to be a friend who helped me get school supplies for my kids when I couldn’t. It happened around 2005, and it came at a time when I was hurting deeply. This gesture…as small as it may seem to others, meant the world to me.

So now, my idea is to give back in some way…to pay it forward. To do that, I’ve been hashing out a plan. This plan has time to fester and grow, because it will coincide with my Colorado Byways Tour. For now, I won’t share it, but I think it has a chance to be a reality.

Never Give Up

I think what might help here is a couple of example stories…not my own, because honestly, my struggles were not unlike so many others in the world. So, I would like to share a few stories from TEDtv…links to some amazing people…

What do these stories have to do with me?

They are someone’s dreams!

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