What do you see?

A mountain vista?

Ice along the shoreline?

A hole in the ice?

Melting ice?

Story behind the melting ice

Weather: We’ve been experiencing a lot of wind in the past several weeks. Some of the wind has been quite destructive: pushing 18-wheelers over, knocking down backpack laden high school kids, forcing trees to lose their grip on the Earth. So, when a warm calm day greeted me on the weekend, I had to take advantage and took an extended bike ride over several miles. I made my bike ride longer only because I stopped along the way to photograph sights that made me appreciate the beauty of the day.

The lake: I like this spot, not only because I’m able to enjoy the nature and scenery, but also because of the variety of images I’ve been able to capture since mid-January. On this day, I noticed that the wind that had been ravaging the eastern foothills had raped the ice on the lake and pushed it up against the shoreline in huge chunks. As I looked at all the chunks along the shore, I noticed one chunk which had been forced straight upward had a hole in it from the sun beaming upon it. So, I took out my camera and snapped a few photos. As I got closer, I watched water drop from the top of the hole as the ice melted. After I snapped the photo with the water drop on the top right of the ice, a gust of wind came up and knocked over the arch of the hole, exposing yet another beautiful scene.

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