Bloggers Shout Out!

Name something you despise doing…

A few of my most hated life activities include:

  • Getting teeth pulled
  • Freak infections
  • Going through divorce
  • Making a major change to my driver’s license

I want to thank my fellow bloggers for keeping me entertained, informed and enthralled as I sat in a hard plastic seat, waiting for three hours to change my name on my driver’s license. Well, that and the fact that I would have been bored to tears had I not had a data plan on my cell phone (thanks AT&T).

Thanks to all whose blog I follow

For your part in making my time at the driver’s license division less of a pain in the posterior, I would like to mention your blogs by name and a link…you all rock my socks!

I enjoy all of your blogs and the variety you bring to the blogging world.

You are much appreciated!

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