For the love of motorcycles

Riding standard sport bike style

When I turn 48 this year, I will have been riding motorcycles for seven years. Now, it seems more like a lifetime and then again, like it was yesterday when I straddled my first motorcycle, the KZ750. And I don’t say it seems like a lifetime as if it’s a drudgery to go for a ride, but rather because I am so comfortable when out on a ride, I feel like I’ve been riding my whole life.

A rider’s comfort

I love sport bikes, but I love the standard sport bike most of all. My Kawasaki Z750 is a standard sport bike, which means it has a more upright seating/riding position. This position affords me very long rides in a day…as much as 600 miles in a day…without feeling overly sore at day’s end.

The foot-pegs are one thing that make the difference between super-sport and standard. My bike is pictured here next to a Honda 600RR. The Honda is on the left.

Another style feature difference is the handlebars. Standard sport bikes have higher and straighter handlebars. My bike is pictured here next to a Suzuki GSXR (Gixxer) 600. The Gixxer is on the left.

Power and maneuverability

Because I typically ride on two-lane mountain roads, I wanted to be certain that the kind of bike I bought had enough power to get me around slower traffic along the short passing lanes that are typical of mountain roads. My bike has plenty of power and then some. I won’t mention the details of any of the instances, but let’s just say, all it takes is to drop a gear and roll on the throttle and before I know it, I’m way past any slow-moving vehicle with plenty of room to spare, both in front of me and behind me. Here are some specs on my bike based on the year it was built…

Realize though, that specs are only a part of the equation.

Other standard ‘naked’ sport bikes

So, I’ve put together a list of other standard ‘naked’ sport bikes below with links to their specs…um, just in case you’re curious.

And just for fun, although my bike stopped selling in the US in 2006 (I’ve got the ’06 model), it’s still a top seller in Europe, so with that said, here’s how it looks now…

If I could do it, I’d most definitely upgrade to the latest model.

A rider’s style

There are a lot of various kinds of riders on American roads today. Some of them make motorists freak out with their traffic stopping illegal stunting antics. Some fly past cars, they leave you wondering what just happened. And some riders slow traffic up enough to make you wonder if there’s a parade in town. But, these types of riders, while they’re the ones making headlines, are typically few and far between. What kind of rider am I? Well, a good way to understand my style would be to read “The Pace,” written by a very well known motorcyclist, Nick Ienatsch.

The love of the road

The biggest thing for me when out on my bike though, has to be the scenery…running close second is the camaraderie. It’s a good thing that I live in Colorado, because it offers so much amazing scenery, as well as unique out-of-the-way places as rest stops where my riding buddies and I have a chance to enjoy the company as we laugh and talk about our journey.

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