The waking kiss…

Everything about life is like a waking kiss.

A kiss is exciting and brings a smile to our faces and emotion to our whole being. A waking kiss is like a new outlook on life, but it’s a kind of outlook that is fresh, new, exciting and makes us smile, as well as brings about a positive emotional reaction.

I watched these buds on this cottonwood tree branch since January…asleep for the long cold winter months and then within a short amount of time, they were awakened by spring’s waking kiss.

What’s so exciting about a tree leafing out? Nothing if you don’t look too deeply. It’s just a part of life, just like everything else. But…if you think about life and think about a leafing tree, you can see how it is like us…like our own lives. We all have times where we sleep, whether it’s when we want to shut out everything cold on the outside, or it’s when we are afraid to move in any direction, when we are stuck/frozen for a while. As the Earth moves in its timeless rhythm and the sun’s warmth grows closer, trees begin to bud and then eventually leaf out soaking in all that the sun has to offer. We too, do the same…as we move away from the cold times in our lives, we open ourselves up to the possibilities, to the potentially positive times to come and we welcome the changes with open arms.

January 15, 2012
March 26, 2012
March 29, 2012
April 4, 2012

I look forward to the possibilities to come.

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