Creating art from the bare essentials

I am getting closer to having enough money to finally purchase my first entry-level DSLR. It should be about a month before I get there, but when I finally purchase that camera, I don’t think I will put my Kodak M580 (trusty point’n shoot) completely to rest. This camera has brought me so much pleasure since my husband gave it to me two Christmas’s ago. I love it and all the imagery I have been able to capture with it.

Photo gear

lol…I don’t really call it gear. I have my M580, a really cool mini tripod (sort of like the GorillaPod) and some very inexpensive photo editing software (PaintShop Pro). But, what it has done for me has helped me to hone my skills, to practice with light, angles, hues, movement, and so much more. Some of what I’ve been able to shoot with my lil ol’ point’n shoot has really wowed me. And so, with that, I present the most recent photos that I have come to appreciate.

These were taken on my way home from my bike ride, after sunset, on a hill, right above a fast running creek.

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Photo editing

I used PaintShop to edit the images a bit = a few minutes on each image. I try to learn something new about PaintShop each time I use it. I don’t use too much of it when posting photos though, and instead I will not save all my changes…it’s mostly for learning. But, I really like how these photos came out with the editing.

Sad news

I noticed that my M580 has a few scratches on the lens. These scratches are more noticeable with the close-ups. Typically, I wouldn’t worry about it too much, but it’s just a bit sad for me, because it’s been such a flawless (in my mind) camera. Luckily it has been such a good camera, because it will still join me on my motorcycle rides.


4 thoughts on “Creating art from the bare essentials

    1. I’m glad I found it, actually. I had been using a very old version of Photoshop, but after a computer crash and losing the install CD, I was missing the creativity. PaintShop is a substitute that I’ve been happy with so far.

  1. Beautiful pictures! I believe that great photography is not so much about the camera used but the photographer behind the camera


    1. Thanks again, Eric! Beautiful photos are in the eye of the beholder, just like any piece of art. Something I learned only recently was that my grandfather would never leave the house without his camera. He lived in Germany and I never met him. My mother had saved much of his work. He not only loved taking pictures, but he sculpted wood and created amazing wood inlay pictures. I’m just glad I was lucky enough that some of that creative gene was able to find its way through my eyes. 🙂

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