It’s touring time again!

Yep, finally! In one week, I will be touring two more of Colorado’s scenic and historic byways. I cannot wait!

Byway #3:

Pawnee Pioneer Trail

This byway is in the northeast portion of Colorado. It is surrounded by a national grassland area; the Pawnee Grasslands to be exact. Not only that, but there are two buttes that jut out from the relatively barren and flat landscape. The Pawnee Buttes are what I am going to go see along this route, as well as attempt to get a glimpse of the eagles that nest along the escarpment that faces the buttes. Luckily for the eagles, the escarpment is off limits to people during the spring…so my view of them is going to have to be long-range. I just hope I get lucky.

Byway #4:

South Platte River Trail

This byway is the shortest in length of all 25 Colorado byways. It is a total of 19 miles and makes the shape of a rectangle, and is located on the extreme northeast corner of the state. What’s interesting about this byway is the history. This byway harbors a wealth of history in its short 19 miles…from the one Colorado Pony Express stop, to the start of William F. Cody’s career, to the movement of the town of Julesburg (yes, it moved four times in its history). And there’s a whole lot more history waiting for me to explore there.

Route Plans

I plan on driving these two routes by car, because they are not suited for my sport bike. The roads are quite straight and therefore don’t allow for much leaning. Why is that important when riding? Well, leaning means moving your body on your motorcycle to help the bike turn tight corners. When you move your body every now and then, your muscles don’t have much of a chance to tighten up and therefore, they don’t tire out as quickly as when you are riding in a straight line.

The total round trip mileage on these two routes combined is 442 miles. So, I plan on leaving home really early in the morning. I want to be able to spend some time wandering around the history museums along both routes:

And like I said, I also want to see if I can spy any of the raptors that nest along the escarpment by the Pawnee Buttes. All of this will take some time, but that’s what I like about wandering the byways. And I get to be out in nature…all good reasons to travel the Colorado Scenic and Historic Byways.

What else have I been up to?

Oh, you know…the usual…starting up a business, doing research on the business landscape, researching web hosting services, etc; it’s a lot of work and I still work a 40-hour per week job. Oh and the biggest news? I’ve upgraded my camera to a Nikon D5100. I will have more information about my new business in other posts, but for now, tell me what you think of my business logo?

This photo was taken in August, 2011 along Mt. Evans road...yet another Colorado Byway.

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