A Drenched Bouquet

Imagine for a moment how the rain and dew can bring out the sparkle in flowers when the sun shines. This is what I saw a couple of days ago when the sun came out after a couple of days of clouds and rain. Because the rain had confined me to the indoors, I wasn’t able to ride, but as soon as the rain stopped and hints of sunshine came streaming through my windows, I was changing my clothes and donning my riding gear.

This time, I decided to take the same route I took a while back that brought me past the old folks’ garden.  And boy was I in for a treat. The old man (Life Tended by the Aging) had said that within a few weeks, this place was going to be even more beautiful and he was oh so right…

As I walked up and down the flower path, I kept trying various photo positions to get the best angle on each flower. At one point, I noticed that an old woman was walking down the path in my direction. She was aided by a stroller. She wore those huge sunglasses over her regular glasses. As she approached, she mentioned how beautiful the flowers were. I agreed and wanted to show her the shots I had taken with the camera’s screen. Alas, she said she could not see anymore, but could make out colors, like the bright yellows and pinks that lay before her.

We chatted for a bit and as she walked away, she mentioned that it was okay she couldn’t see anymore; she had seen so much in her lifetime that she was content to imagine the beauty.



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