Does this bag make my tail look big?

I’ve been waiting for Byway Tour #5 for a while now. It’s now only 12 hours away to start time. I’ll be doing this particular tour by sport bike along with a few of my riding buddies. Ok, so I’m thinking I’m being silly (now that I’m 48 years old), but I’m getting all giddy. Yep, you heard me…GIDDY!

Since this ride should be around 570 miles round-trip, I figured I’d do an extra system’s check, just to be sure that my bike, Zed, is as ready for this trip as I am. I think this is something that most riders I know do anyway, but to share, this is my system’s check…

  • Bike wash – check
  • Fluids – coolant and oil – check and check
  • Air – front = 36 psi; rear = 42 psi – check and check
  • Chain lubed – check
  • Lights – blinkers and headlight (I still need to replace the low light, but the high beam is in working order…it’ll be fine) – check, check and checkity check

As you can see from the photo, I also make sure I’m properly geared up for riding…

  • Boots – ankle protecting (these are Sidi Vertigos)
  • Jacket – Cortech denim with CE hard armor in shoulders, elbow and a back protector as well as padding around the waist…Now why would I need more padding on top of my love-handles? Oh, did I say that out loud?
  • Full-face helmet – I like Shark’s Eden helmet, but it’s been 5 years and should be replaced this summer
  • Riding gloves – Alpinestars SP2
  • Riding pants – I bought some Draggin Jeans a while back and love them. They’re lined with Kevlar in the hips and butt area, as well as have Kevlar in the knees. They’re made with heavy denim.

Oh and for sure…photo gear:

  • Nikon D5100 (charging the battery as I type)
  • Kodak M580 – point’n shoot

Luggage…why do I need so much? Actually, I’m not sure I want to bring all of this stuff. I am definitely bringing my camera (both cameras), but not sure I want to use the backpack if I’ve got the tail bag. Then again, maybe I won’t bring the tail bag and will just bring the tank bag and my camera backpack. I’ve got bungee cords to tie down my extra layers of clothes when I start shedding them as the day warms. Meh, decisions, decisions.

Yep, the weather is still quite cool at night here in Colorado…about 45 degrees in Denver and cooler still in the mountains. It’s been snowing in the mountains for the past couple of days, too. Not that the snow will be on the road when we head up into the high country, but it will definitely be quite cool. I’m thinking around 35 degrees when we reach the Eisenhower tunnel. I might even use my winter riding gloves in the morning and then switch to my lighter Alpine Stars by mid-day.

Does anyone remember those Mervyn’s commercials with the woman who pastes her face to a store window and chants, “open, open, open…?” Yep, that’s me right now, but instead, I’m chanting, “morning, morning, morning…”

4 thoughts on “Does this bag make my tail look big?

  1. Your check list is very similar to mine with the exception that I do not wash my bike. Come to think about it, I don’t wash my bike when I get back home from a trip unless its really dirty. Does that make me a bad motorcyclist or just a lazy one? Any have a fabulous, fun, safe trip.

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