A fire in Colorado this week

I’ve been gone for a little while, mostly because I went on a two-day motorcycle ride on another Colorado Scenic Byway. And yes, even though the national news might have reported the Colorado wildfires this week with the one in Colorado Springs being the worst in this state’s history…we’re still here! And so is Colorado…all 66+ million acres of it.

With that said, I wanted to share a video one of my Facebook friends has shared. If anything…this would be a good time to make a donation, or two to the Red Cross. They, along with all the first responders, hot shots, military and all emergency personnel fighting not only this fire, but all fires everywhere could use a little help.

The Video…
5 Day Timelapse – Waldo Canyon Fire – June 23rd-28th

My Byways Blog

I will be posting the newest byway tour in less than a day. Just gotta get some rest first.

Stay tuned…

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