Lament, or revel…?

I only have about five minutes this morning…and yes, I know it’s way early for some of us.

I haven’t posted a blog for a while, but that’s not because I’m out of words, or that I’m not going to finish my Colorado Scenic Byways tours. I’ve just been way too busy.

I will post more (crossing fingers) soon. But, here’s what I’ve been up to…

  • Went to my cousin’s wedding in Oregon – drove the whole way with my 14-year-old and logged a total of 4910 miles on my car
  • 4-wheeling with my husband for many of the weekends since the Oregon trip
  • Getting my baby (my 14-year-old) ready for high school
  • Oh and of course, my full-time job as an instructional designer

And I don’t lament a bit of it. On the contrary, I’ve been reveling in all of the activities of this summer.

Clinton Gulch Reservoir sits along hwy91 (Top of the Rockies Scenic Byway) between Leadville and Copper Mountain, Colorado. The mountains in the background include the north faces of Fletcher Mountain on the left and Little Bartlett Mountain on the right.

Looking forward to more Byways tours in 2012…


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