The price of getting lost in the back-country

Ever have the yearning to just get lost in the back-country?

On Labor Day weekend, I took the very long way home after visiting a friend in Fruita, CO…basically, I was all the way on the western edge of Colorado about 260 miles away from home and took about 13 hours to come home. My drive home took me through parts of the Colorado Rockies that I had never seen before over dirt roads and sparsely traveled highways. It was an absolutely wonderful day!

As I was driving along a dirt road that took me over Buzzard Divide, I stopped continuously, taking photos, breathing in the air and reveling in the quiet. At one point, I was coming around a bend in the road looking through the aspen trees to my right when I noticed two birds sitting in a dead aspen. At first, I thought they were ravens…I’m always seeing ravens. But, as I came out of the forest of trees, I saw that they did not have the same shaped beaks as ravens do. So, I stopped my car, rolled down the passenger side window, attached the zoom lens on my camera and took a photo. When I realized the bird in the photo was a bird of prey, I got out of my car and got as close as I could, raised my camera and shot again. I kept shooting until they got nervous enough to fly off and hide in the forest of trees I just came through.

While I love the fact that I had the pleasure of enjoying wildlife this way, I lament only a little that I need more practice with manual focus and potentially need a better lens…

Red-tailed hawk along Co Rd 265 — Buzzard Divide.
Red-tailed hawk along Buzzard Divide — September 2, 2012.


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