Doing what’s right for yourself (myself)…

….can sometimes prove to be a lifelong challenge.

I had mentioned a while ago…I’ve been trying to lose weight. And it’s been a year now that I’ve been back on this road to weight loss. The first time was back in ’02 when it took me two and a half years to lose 112 pounds. Yep, I was a hefty woman.

Why am I even admitting this here in this blog…because I do not want to take this weight with me into old age! Gah!

Yes, I’m just a tad miffed, but I have only myself to blame.

Here’s the gist…the first time I lost weight, I was about 27 pounds from my goal. My goal was actually at the top of the weight range that was considered healthy for my height and frame. I stopped losing because of a plateau. I couldn’t knock it, but I did not start gaining back because of feeling defeated, I just thought I had the whole food thing figured out. I figured out that my body cannot process foods like others can, so I was very conscientious about what I put into my mouth. Over time though, stress, job changes and life (re: I) got in the way and I put 68 pounds back on.

So, here I sit complaining, but very aware of what it is that I need to do to get rid of this extra baggage. A year ago, I went back to Weight Watchers to get back on track and to get rid of this extra weight once and for all. The reason I’m angry with myself though, is that I have not been able to lose like I did the first time around. In my first year of losing a decade ago, I lost 54 pounds. To date, this second time around, I’ve lost 26 pounds. Granted I’ve also lost 17 inches, but because I am also exercising like crazy, the weight should be coming off at a better rate.

So, what’s wrong? Cheating. Alcohol. Diet drinks.

There. I said it. It’s out there and I do not want it to ruin my old age.

  • Cheating happens when I see a piece of chocolate or a slice of cake or bowl of ice cream and tell myself that I’ve got extra points to spare, so I can indulge.
  • Alcohol is just another form of sugar and since my body does not process sugar well, it’s wreaking havoc on the inside.
  • Diet drinks are full of sodium…more so than regular soda, etc.

It’s time to make these things a part of my past along with the extra weight.

Imagine not being able to do this because I’ve got too much weight creating so much pain that I cannot walk or stand for long periods of time…

Nymph Lake and Hallet Peak, RMNP – November, 2012.

On November 24th, I was missing the mountains, so I decided to take a hike in Rocky Mountain National Park. My hike was not a long one…maybe a mile and a half…but, it was a snow and ice-covered balancing act chock full of 94 photos, which I take as I squat — so, 94 squats and a mile and a half of hiking above 9,500 feet. Imagine trying to do that being 70 pounds overweight at 48 years of age…how about 78 years of age? That’s what I’m talking about. I won’t be able to some of the things I do now at 78, but I do not want my weight to be one of the reasons that I can’t do them.

My passion for the scenery of the mountains will never fade and I refuse to allow myself to ruin my enjoyment in my old age…

Me at 70 pounds above goal weight. Morrain Park, RMNP.

A fire still burning by Fern Lake in RMNP.
Ice crystals form as the ice is pushed up against the banks along the creek that runs through Morrain Park.
The creek that runs through Morrain Park.



4 thoughts on “Doing what’s right for yourself (myself)…

  1. Kathy, I admire so much your outlook on life and yourself. You LOOK Marvelous!! Really inside and out!! I know how you feel tho, been there many a times. I also hit a major block when i turned 50 on losing the weight. I have struggled many times but somewhere I read it doesn’t matter how much you loose its how many times you have succeeded. I too want to succeed again , but realize it is going to be slow and as long as I am keeping active, enjoying life I wont get down on myself. Its been a rough year for me but heres to US. and just enjoy the many things that make us very happy,,,,,traveling, mountains, family and friends. Take care , Love Brenda

    1. Thanks Brenda…yeah, I do tend to get down on myself. Not sure if it’s the fact that my body cannot metabolize like “normal” bodies, so I get miffed, or if it’s the fact that I push myself so hard and then blow it by drinking, or indulging…or whatever. It will happen though…the more I pay attention to the food, the better off I am in the long run. Yes, here’s to US and to enjoying life to its fullest. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing and being so honest about it. I struggle with diet sodas myself. I know they are not good, but that doesn’t stop me from buying the 12 pack at the grocery store. I didn’t even think about the sodium in them. Thanks for the insightful info. With the beautiful views that you are beholding, how could you not want to keep walking the path you’re on! You look beautiful. The mountain air really suits you!

    1. Thank you! I think that no matter where I live, I would want to be able to move no matter how old I get though. It’s just that I happen to be here so close to the Rockies and they are quite the draw. 🙂

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