Guess the Byway Photo Contest – Weeks #4 & 5

My apologies. I seemed to have missed the last week of photos and the winner announcement for the December 20th deadline. See my previous post for the winner. It seems that the holidays got the best of me. With that said, I would like to make up for it by posting 4 photos along two byways (to play catch up). If you guess at least one of the byways, then you win!

Guess either of the two Colorado Scenic and Historic Byways these four photos were taken along. Guess by Friday, January 3rd at midnight PST and win your choice of the four photos. The first person to correctly guess in the comments section below wins! Review the rules here

Week 4

Photo #7:Photo Contest






Photo #8:Photo Contest






Week 5

Photo #9:Photo Contest






Photo #10:Photo Contest


5 thoughts on “Guess the Byway Photo Contest – Weeks #4 & 5

  1. Oh ok, so will make this easier as both photos are taken at the same byway.. Finally caught that lol. Thanks . This is fun and educational idea Kathy.

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