End of Week #8 – Guess the Byway Photo Contest

We have a winner!

Congratulations Brenda! You guessed the byway correctly. You may have your pick of two of the photos in high resolution…not only that, if you see a photo you like in my Byway #15 blog, let me know and I will send it your way.

These two photos were taken along the Santa fe Trail Scenic and Historic Byway.

Week 8

Byways_Photo_Contest_#15Photo #15: This photo was taken early in the morning on the way down to southeastern Colorado. There were a ton of pronghorns on the hillsides next to the road.






Byways_Photo_Contest_#16Photo #16: This photo was taken outside of Bent’s Fort along the Santa fe Trail. This fort has been kept standing as an historical reminder of the lives of the Indians and pioneers of the old west. Volunteers work at the Fort throughout the year, dressed in period clothes, answering questions about the old west, and keeping traditions from over one hundred years ago alive.

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