End of Week #10 – Guess the Byway Photo Contest

We don’t have a winner 😦

I know a couple of Colorado natives who quickly guessed this byway correctly, but they, like me, wanted someone else to guess. So, where in Colorado can visitors view bighorn sheep up-close and personal? Check out blog post Byway #9.

These two photos were taken along the Mt. Evans Scenic and Historic Byway.

Week 10

Byway photo contestPhoto #19: This photo was taken at the parking lot at the top of Mt Evans. The animal in the photo is a bighorn sheep. It seems there’s a lot of salt deposits along the edge of the sidewalks and along the roadsides leading up to the top of the mountain.






byways_photo_contest_#19Photo #20: This photo was taken at Summit Lake just before the top of Mt. Evans. At this elevation, there are no trees, so the landscape turns to alpine tundra. There is a trail that leads to the lake, but going off trail not only would mean wet soggy shoes, but walking along the tundra will kill it. The growing season is very short at this elevation and in drastic climate conditions. My advice when visiting mountain tops – stay on the trail!


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