A Beautiful Day…In the Ice

I tinted this photo in editing it.
I tinted this photo in editing it.

Santa actually answered one of my Christmas list wishes! And so…the day after Valentine’s Day, I took my family to see the Ice Castles in Breckenridge, CO with the tickets that Santa (my daughter) gave me.

We started out on a partly sunny drive, which quickly turned to blowing snow across the highway in South Park. As we approached the top of Hoosier Pass, we couldn’t even see the valley below. I wondered if the outing was going to be any fun at all with the wind blowing so furiously. But…as we came down the other side of the pass, the wind stopped blowing and all we could see were snow-covered mountains all around.

When we got to Breckenridge, we drove a few blocks to locate the Ice Castles venue and then found our parking spot a half block away from Breckenridge Brewery where we stopped for lunch before walking around.

We walked a few blocks in the snow and slushy streets to the Ice Castles where a line had formed from down the sidewalk to the entry-way. I was just a tad skeptical as we entered the structure…mostly because I wanted there to me more than just mere walls of snow and ice and a few icicles. As we continued walking through the structure, I was pleasantly surprised to find hidden narrow passageways, through icicle caverns, as well as a ton of happy, smiling and laughing kids and parents.

Characters from Star Wars had also joined in the tourist and locals mix with a couple of white storm troopers along with a black storm trooper. My girls went nuts when they saw the characters. This was perhaps the only time my youngest daughter actually would beg me to take a photo of her. It was too good to pass up, so I obliged her with a huge smile on my face.

After the Ice Castles, we stopped for a hot cup of coffee/latte/chai (take your pick) at Starbucks, then found the local Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for a truffle and made our way back to the car and the hour and a half trek home.

Although it was a snowy, cloudy day, the day turned out beautifully.

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