Guess the Byway Photo Contest – Week #14

Guess which Colorado Scenic and Historic Byway these two photos were taken along. Guess the byway by Friday, March 7thth at midnight PST and win your choice of one photo from the byway blog post. The first person to correctly guess in the comments section below wins! Review the rules here

Week 14

Byways Photo ContestPhoto #27:






Byways Photo ContestPhoto #28:


4 thoughts on “Guess the Byway Photo Contest – Week #14

  1. Good morning Cathy If someone else guesses that’s ok w/me to let them win as well This is such fun . I enjoy finding and searching and trying to remember where Ive seen the photo before. Fun fun for Jim and I to do together as well Take care, tell Bob hi Brenda

    Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2014 03:13:48 +0000 To:

    1. Hey Brenda…no worries. I love that you get a kick out of searching for the photos. If I get lucky enough to have someone else out there in Internet land try and take a guess, then I will let you know. This has been fun for me as well…reliving the byways and counting down to b-day. 🙂

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