Remembering my Brother

Fifty-one years ago today, my big brother Chris was born. Twenty years ago this month, he lost his battle with cancer.

Chris on Mt Audobon in Colorado, circa 1966.

I’m not here to lament his passing though. I don’t feel like being sad. I want to celebrate his life, as short as it was and celebrate the person he was and the person he was going to become.

My life is richer for his presence in it.

My dreams broader

My heart more full

And my imagination and creativity endless.

I would sit with him for hours on end listening to his mind weave tales of alternate universes, string theory and quantum theory. Not like I ever really understood fully, but the simple idea that he took his time to talk about physics the way he did with me was a treasure.

Me (2-years-old) and my brother (3-years-old) in Glacier National Park, MT.

His boy’ish attitude was at times a delight and others…well, we all know the trouble that boys tend to get into.

And it’s not like we didn’t have our disagreements, our terrible interruptions in siblingship, but we always found a way back to each other, hugging and laughing like nothing had happened.

This was my brother, my friend, my pal.

Until we meet again, Christopher Paul…in that alternate universe you’ve found.

Chris, me and my baby sister in Boulder, CO circa 1966.

I hope they have Fat Tire where you are, Chris. This one’s for me… 😉


2 thoughts on “Remembering my Brother

  1. What a great celebration tribute Cathy. May you always find your peace in his special memories you will never ever forget. Much love to surround you this day and always.

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