End of Week #15 – Guess the Byway Photo Contest

We have a Winner!

Congratulations to Brenda Phelps! A Facebook friend who correctly guessed that the photos posted in last week’s contest were taken along the Collegiate Peaks byway.

Week 15

These two photos were taken along an extremely mountainous byway in Colorado. Each was taken off the byway by a few miles, but the off-byway road-trips are quite welcome on all of the byways.

Byways Photo ContestPhoto 29: This photo was taken off of the main byway along a dirt road that leads to what seems like the foot of Mt. Antero. This particular mountain is a gem mining smorgasbord. Hundreds of placer claims have been filed all along this mountain with miners that spend their time digging during the summer months and dodging rocky mountain thunder storms.

Byways_Photo_Contest_#30Photo 30: This photo was taken at the end of a row of historic buildings at the west end of the town of St. Elmo. While some consider it a ghost town, people still live here and run businesses out of 100-year-old buildings.

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