Projects, projects and more projects!

Have you ever gotten so engrossed in learning new things and applying your new knowledge, that life just seems to zip by completely unnoticed?

jeff_dahl_ridingSo, what have I been doing that is so involved that I couldn’t take the time to copy/paste a couple of photos for the past few weeks?

Long story short…I am an Instructional Designer by trade…it’s my full-time job. This means that photography and blogging are my ‘fun time’. Yes, I call it fun. But, back to the ID business. Because I am a lover of everything visual and because instructional design has been morphing over the past several years (less textual info and more visual), I decided to work on a project that allowed me to apply all my skills…audio/video recording/editing, graphic design (really not that great, but better than some), story-boarding, adult learning theory, research and all other skills related to instructional design.

The project took me 24 hours to complete. The 24 hours spanned about 4 days and I completed the work outside of my regular work day. This meant several hours in the evenings, a full Saturday until 11:30 at night and part of a Sunday.

Was I successful with this project? I killed it! Not that I’m conceited or anything…far from it. But, I am always seeking improvement and I am always wanting to know if my new knowledge and skills are headed in the right direction. The resounding positive response that I received on this project has fueled my fire. I want to know more and do more with my skills. I want to be able to apply all my various skills to helping others learn. And if my excitement cannot be felt in these words, let me express it visually…

My hubby at Oh! Point along Alpine Loop Back Country Byway
My hubby at Oh! Point along Alpine Loop Back Country Byway

And so…this is my excuse for not posting photo contest blogs these past few weeks.

I will resume the Byways Photo Contest Blogs soon. I want to finish them before my ‘Big Day’.


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