End of Week #16 – Guess the Byway Photo Contest

We have a Winner!

Congratulations to Brenda Phelps! A Facebook friend who correctly guessed that the photos posted in last week’s contest were taken along the Grand Mesa Byway.

Week 16

These two photos were taken along the tallest flattop mountain in the world. Each was taken at the end of what is known as “Lands End Road”.

Photo 31: This photo was taken as I was riding my motorcycle along Lands End Road (this is a YouTube video I found – not my own) back to the main byway. I saw what I thought was smoke coming up from below the mesa, but after walking a few feet closer to the edge, I realized the smoke was actually the mist of a small waterfall.



Photo 32: This photo was taken outside of the Lands End Observatory. Not too long ago, the observatory was manned by park rangers. Now, it is boarded up and still stands as a distant memory. When my riding buddies and I had taken this byway, the air was not as crisp and clear as those on the linked website. Colorado was suffering from a bad year in forest fires all over the state.

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