End of Week #20 Guess the Byway Photo Contest

We have a Winner!

Congratulations to Maria Sharp! My Facebook friend, who correctly guessed that the photos posted in last week’s contest were taken along the Top of the Rockies Byway.

Week 20

These two photos were taken along two different sections of the byway. This byway traverses Independence Pass at one point, as well as includes sections of the 10th Mountain Division Memorial Highway and the Climax mining operation north of Leadville.

Photo 39: My riding buddy Jen, stopped for a few shots of the old mining car along the roadside opposite one of the largest mining operations in Colorado: Climax Molybdenum. This part of the byway traverses Fremont Pass just south of Copper Mountain Resort and north of Leadville.



Photo 40: Castle Creek Road lies at the western edge of the byway, is eleven miles long and ends at the base of Montezuma Basin. The wildflowers captured in this photo bloom in early July for a few weeks and then disappear leaving no trace.

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