End of Week #24 – Guess the Byway Photo Contest

We have a Winner!

Congratulations to Brenda Phelps! My Facebook friend, who correctly guessed that the photos posted in last week’s contest were taken along the Los Caminos Antiguos Byway.

Honorable mention to BigBoy4006 for almost getting it right as well. I will send a high res version of any of the photos from the Los Caminos Antiguos Byway to you as well. Just let me know which one.

Week 24

These two photos were taken along very different areas of the byway. The Cumbres and Toltec narrow gauge railroad winds its way up to Cumbres Pass on the border between Colorado and New Mexico. The view of Blanca Peak is best seen from the San Luis Valley region.
Photo 47: This photo was taken as the train criss-crosses across highway 17 as it winds it way up to Cumbres and La Manga Passes. This train was on its way back down to Chama, New Mexico as it was late afternoon. It’s pretty cool watching the people on the train as they gaze out their windows at the mountain scenery.
Photo 48: This photo was taken at the highways 150 and 160 crossroads. The view of Blanca Peak from here is quite spectacular…although, you can see three sides of this mountain (east, west and southern facing) from different roads. The sign in the photo talks about the Ute many hundreds of years ago and what they thought of horses when they were first introduced to this region.

7 thoughts on “End of Week #24 – Guess the Byway Photo Contest

  1. Thanks for the honorable mention! As for the photo, if I could please have photo #47 I would very much appreciate it, since it has a train and it’s a very good pic. Thanks!

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