End of Week #25 – Guess the Byway Photo Contest

We don’t have a Winner!

Well, despite no one guessing this byway, I had fun reliving each and every tour I took of the 25 scenic and historic byways here in Colorado over the last two years. So…I’m going to say, I win!
This last post is coming a week late, since my hubby and I celebrated my 50th birthday out of state. Yes…I said out of state. Before I get into that trip, let me share the last byway in the Guess the Byway Photo Contest with all of my readers. Byway 25 was the Alpine Loop (Backcountry Byway).

Week 25

These two photos were taken along the 4×4-only section of the byway. You can find this section of the byway along Hwy550 just south of Ouray. While all of this byway is dirt road, the very rough 4×4 section is about 10-15 miles of the full 60+ mile byway.

Photo 49: This photo was taken in the first few miles of the byway along a shelf road. The road hugs a cliff and most of it is one-lane. The scenery is breathtaking and you can catch glimpses of times past with the many different abandoned mines that dot the mountainsides.

Photo 50: The top of Engineer Pass is quite breathtaking as you get amazing 360-degree views of the San Juan Mountains. The best time of day to get up here would have to be before noon, as the afternoon will bring thunderstorms and as you can see, low-hanging clouds.


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