What did I get with my 3rd place photo?

This was the third place photo…Colorado Byways Photo Contest

An overnight stay at the Ameristar Hotel and Casino  in Blackhahwk and a day full of eye-opening experiences. Oh and yes, there was a cash prize as well.

A little bit of background…closer to the beginning of 2014, the Byways Facebook page noted a photo contest which was part of their 25th anniversary celebration. The parameters were that the photo had to be taken on or close to a Colorado byway. I thought….”Hmm, I could do this.” So, I submitted many of my photos. I thought surely one of them might get a chance.

I didn’t think much else about it until the winners of the contest were announced. When I saw my name, I was ecstatic. I couldn’t believe it…Me? Really? Was going through my head…a lot.

Fast forward a bit…the prize was cash and a comped night’s stay at the Ameristar Hotel and Casino in Blackhawk, plus an invite to stick around and partake in the Byways conference festivities. This meant speeches and four breakout sessions on how to get the word out on the Byways program….HINT: Share this blog and the CDOT Byways site with everyone you know. Visitors are not only good for the economy, but when people visit, they get more from taking a path less traveled (a byway) with the different types of activities, the history, geology, animals and a whole lot more along each byway.

Byways 25th Anniversary Conference

The conference location was spot-on. Blackhawk is the gateway to the Peak-to-Peak Scenic and Historic Byway. It is also centrally located in Colorado. I decided to take a short tour before checking in. It was January when I had toured the byway at the start of my 2-year-tour (2012), so I thought a few summer photos would be a nice balance. I also took a few photo of the Ameristar, as well as a few photos during the conference.

nevadaville_mine3-s,ameristar_casino-72ameristar3-72central_city_church-smwelcome_byways-smAs a side note: Have you ever heard of John Fielder? If you have been in Colorado a while, you might have heard the name. Instead of say the same thing on his site, here’s a link to John Fielder’s photography site. Why do I mention him? Well, as I had traveled all of the byways, the Program Manager of the Colorado Department of Transportation’s Byways Program contacted me for more photos. She let me know that she was looking for a photo to go along with one of John Fielder’s images. Needless to say, I was thrilled when I saw one of my images next to his. Mine is the historic St. Catherine’s Church along the Peak-to-Peak Byway and Mr. Fielder’s is the bison near the Sand Dunes National Monument off of the Los Caminos Antigous Byway.

banner_john_fielder-smI’ll blog more about the Byways conference later.

Still smiling… 🙂


2 thoughts on “What did I get with my 3rd place photo?

  1. This is such an awesome adventure for you! I hear that you met Marylee from Sterling? Small world huh? Love you guys. Haven’t heard from you in a while.

    1. Yes I did. Sorry, I haven’t been here for a while. Just been real busy. I have some plans though. I want to make changes to my site, as well as to the blogs and how they are presented. Being at the 25th Anniversary celebration was pretty fun and very interesting for me. I hope to get more about that trip into my blog. 🙂

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