Colorado Byways


Beautiful, striking landscapes is what comes to mind when you think about Colorado.  But…every state in this country has its history and Colorado is no different.

In 1989, Colorado christened its first scenic and historic byway and since that time, has grown its byways program to 25 byways all over the state. Every byway is not only marked by its striking beauty, but by the history which built this state. From forts to mining towns, from untouched wilderness to long-gone battlegrounds, you can find them all along the byways and much, much more.

From 2012 through the end of 2013, I rode in my car, my husband’s 4×4 and on my motorcycle exploring each and every one of the 25 scenic and historic byways, taking many photos along the way. I did this as a way to celebrate my 50th birthday in May of 2014. What I got out of it was a whole lot more than a deeper appreciation for Colorado.

The story does not end with the last byway.

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