Alpine Loop

alpine-loop-sign2_071813-72Road: Dirt: 2/3 = 2-wheel drive accessible; 1/3 = high-clearance 4×4 – rated difficult
Round-trip from Denver: 750 miles
Length of Byway: 65 miles
Vehicle types: Car and 4×4
Elevation change: 6985 to 12,993 feet above sea level
Location: Southwestern Colorado


Alpine Loop Back Country Byway

This particular byway is the only 4×4 (required) byway in Colorado’s 25 scenic and historic byways and is one of several located in the San Juan Mountains. While a small portion, about one third, requires a high clearance 4×4, many jeep books mention that this section of the byway can still be driven by stock SUVs “with proper wheel placement.”

4×4’s along Engineer Pass trail.

If you think you cannot drive this byway because you don’t have a 4×4, then fret-not. There are at least a dozen jeep rental companies in several towns close to the byway, including Ouray, Silverton and Lake City. The nice thing about renting a jeep is that the different companies have detailed maps of not just the Alpine Loop, but of all the other jeep trails in the area.

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