looking_up_la-manga_pass1_100413-72What does a 47 year-old-woman do as she dreams of her future and the idea of turning 50? Why explore the state she loves, of course!

I love Colorado. I love living here, working and playing here. I get deeply passionate over the smallest of things, like how a bursting purple thistle looks like a firework…or the sweet musty smell of a wet bed of pine needles after a soft summer rain in the high country. So, it is for these reasons and countless more that I decided I would explore the Colorado scenic byways over the next two years before my 50th birthday. I couldn’t think of a more fitting 50th birthday gift to myself than this.

After I decided that I wanted to give myself the gift of exploration and nature, I asked myself how I could accomplish it all, because there are 25 scenic and historical byways in Colorado and the state is 380 miles wide and 280 miles long, with 104,185 square miles of a combination of flat plains, to semi-arid canyons, to high alpine tundra. I asked myself how I could possibly cover all 25 byways in one summer, let alone one year. Hence, my two-year focus, which will lead me to my 50th birthday in late May of 2014; and luckily enough for me, the date lands on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.

My plans for exploring the byways include finding unique landmarks, taking a hike, photographing and journaling my adventures all along the way, with the focus of journaling being the pure and utter joy of living. I hope to find things that delight and cause others to think deeply. But mostly, I just want to see and explore.

With that said…let the touring begin!

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